“He who has ears to hear, let him hear!”
But you will say that, thank God we have ears and we can hear. What does that mean for us? Of course we have ears, but Christ here speaks of something deeper. We come to the Divine Liturgy, but is that enough? If, when the priest reads the Gospel and when the choir sings the hymns, we are not there with our mind and do not concentrate on the words, what is the benefit? We have ears, but we don’t have any spiritual benefits.
If when going out of the church, we do not know what the apostle said, what the gospel said, what hymns were sung, and we were physically present but mentally absent, then you did not understand how important the word of Christ is. “Whoever has ears, shall hear.” We have ears to hear gossip, calumny, slander, insults against our brethren, and obscene blasphemies. We use our ears for hours to listen to the radio and watch TV, and hear all those silly and useless ideas that are transmitted. We have ears for the devil, and not for God.
Of the thousands of people who heard, if someone has a question, it’s about the secret that Christ said today. Apostle Paul prophesied, that there will be years when people will shut their ears to God and rather listen to the teachings of demons. We have ears, but we do not listen. That also goes for the other gifts of God, not only we fail to build on them, but we also use them for sinful purposes. But as we misuse our hearing, we make our use of sight worse; we see the vile and immoral aspects that exist, we stick our eyes on the box of the devil, TV.
God gave us a tongue in order for us to communicate; for the husband to talk to his wife, the father to the child, the brother to the brother, the teacher to the student, etc. He gave us a tongue for the priest to teach his people, and for us to pray to the heavenly Father.
He gave us a tongue in order for us to tell the truth. But what do we do? We lie, we go to court and we swear; with it we light fires that burn. It would be better if we didn’t have a tongue, instead of this blasphemy and corruption. We infect everything, we destroy all of the talents that God gave us.
The eyes, the ears, the tongue, but also the most valuable asset we have, the heart and the mind. God gave us these in order for us to cherish and think about everything nice and high in the world, yet we hate and do not think correctly.
The teachers and professors because of their positions, they can teach the word of God and sow in the hearts of the new faith; but they, with their words and acts, teach atheism and corruption.
Scientists have a talent; but thousands of scientists, use the secrets of science not for the good of mankind; but for its destruction.
This even happens with the priesthood. The priest must be entirely adherent to God, to be the “light” and “salt of the earth”, to be like the apostle Paul describes in his letters; but this often becomes a scandal…
So everyone, misuses the precious gifts of God, both material and spiritual, we look like the evil slave of today’s parable.
The parable teaches us that we have some divine obligations and a destination on earth and that we must fulfill them. Not only will the one that does evil be punished; but also the one that does not do good.
Many people say; I haven’t killed anyone, I haven’t committed adultery, I haven’t disrespected anyone, I have not slandered, I have not robbed … However, even if we didn’t commit these sins, we cannot become certified saints, or get a ticket to go to heaven.
Not only will the thief, the crook, the adulterer, the fornicator, the profane, be punished, but also the ones who could do good deeds but didn’t. Teachers, professors, scientists, everyone, men, women and children, we have gifts, both material and spiritual, and God will hold us into account or them. My brethren, let us show all the good deeds we have done, as a child, a father, a mother, an employee, a customer, a solider etc.
My dear ones! Let us measures the value of man not by inaction of wickedness, but with the vitality of kindness. The gospel wants us to be active all of the days and hours of our lives until our last breath.
If we live like that, when the day of judgement comes, we will not hear the “evil and lazy salve!” But “good and faithful slave! … Enter into the joy of thy Lord. ”
I hope that every one of us will hear from the Lord for all the good that he will do in world. May we be worthy to claim the joy of heaven through Christ. Amen.